An Overview of Mobile,Alabama

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One thing many visitors like about Mobile is the friendliness and helpfulness of it’s residents. Although there are two major colleges in the city it is predominately a family-oriented town, with a western section that has been growing faster than any other part.

Mobile is well-focused on growth and the future. Former Mayor Mike Dow is responsible for pushing through the resistence of a bevy of wealthy, influential families who resisted change and growth in Mobile, wishing to keep it the way it was. However, in order for working people to survive the city had to grow and current Mayor Sam Jones is just as excited about growing Mobile.

Former Mayor Mike Dow is partner in a new motor sport complex being constructed in Prichard, a city in Mobile County.

Mayor Jones is especially focused on the development and growth of downtown Mobile – and with good reason. Downtown Mobile sits on one of the nations top ten waterfronts, and it’s layout shows great potential as a financial center in the deep south. Indeed, even as a recession lingers throughout the world, develpment and growth of downtown Mobile continues on schedule. A major plan has been sketched for a future downtown – something so major the complete development is stretched over a ten year span. It includes a dinner cruise landing, pedestrian-only and green areas, and a focus on development of the skyline.

As of this writing the job picture – like in most parts of the coutry – is not as rosy as some business leaders paint it. Still, there appear to be jobs for workers with specialized skills in ship building, aeronautics, steel and building rennovation. Hopefully the Mayor’s infrastructure plan submitted along with the nations other Mayors, will find some approval and by summer 2009 thousands of new jobs will be created.

In my next article I will discuss the specifics of Mobile’s infrastructure plan and what type of jobs and trades can be expected in this project.


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