Clear Dry Skin With Right

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For those of you who have dry skin that would be so sensitive or sensitive. But you need not worry because the type of dry skin, this requires careful handling. So you see some steps to clean dry skin exactly.

The main thing you should do is clean with a gentle cleanser once a day, that is before you sleep the night. In the morning you simply wash your face with warm water and use moisturizer. The type of dry skin that tends to look dull, so you must do the pengelupasan or shedding skin cells die once a week. To do this process, you can choose scrubs the grain-butirannya small, smooth and soft.

You should avoid applying scrubs, consisting of particles of salt and nuts tend to be rough because it would be able to tear the surface of your skin. This causes the wound hole in the skin can also become a cause of the loss of moisture in the skin.

Do not clean the skin with hot water, and too often menguapi face because it will cause the skin of the face dry. You should clean the face with milk and not use solvents that contain fresher alkohol.Jika you use water to clean the face with a towel when mengeringkannya not entirely dried until the skin is still felt Nation. One thing, you must be diligent and consume vitamin E supplements, which contain fatty acid extract of fish such as cod families and avocado.

Skin overcome faint

If you have a problem with the pallid skin, you can use potatoes to overcome them. By the way, first wash and clean potatoes peeled and grated. Then use a face mask for about 5-10 minutes, rubbing slowly. How then with water and wash the face with Facial Foam normal use. 


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