Installing a Garbage Disposal

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Always make sure the garbage disposalmag-glass_10x10.gif switch is turned off. Turn the circuit breaker off. When replacing existing garbage disposal, remove the wire from the bottom of disposer with screw driver . Open panel, remove wire nuts. Loosen screws on electrical wire connector and remove wire.

Disassemble the plumbing pipes back to the p-trap. If equipped with dishwasher , remove dishwasher drain hose. Remove disposer by turning ring counter-clockwise with a large allen wrench or disposer tool. Remove the snap ring around bottom of strainer. Loosen strainer bolts and remove the old strainer.

Roll plumbers putty into a string and wrap around the new strainer and insert into sink. Have someone hold it down in the sink or place a heavy object on top to hold it down. Place fiber gasket with strainer bolt assembly and snap ring onto the strainer. Tighten down bolts making sure strainer is straight and in place.

If using a dishwasher, knock out the dishwasher drain plug and hook up dishwasher drain hose by tightening the clamp with a screwdriver.  Install wire into electrical wire connector and wire nut. Twist disposer onto flange and tighten into place with disposer tool, making sure that the drain hole is in the correct position. Replace drain assembly. Turn power on at switch and or breaker. Run water and check for leaks.

Tips to remember:

Some drain assembly configurations possible

Always get a couple extra nuts and pipe lengths

Always make sure the power is turned OFF when working with any electrical device.


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