How to Install an Over the Range Microwave Oven

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To start you must have 30 inches from stove top to bottom of cabinet. A lot of you will have a range hood which is good.The range hood will have an electrical wire. First turn power off to Range hood at breaker box.Check and make sure the power is off by trying to turn hood back on.Once you determine that the power is off,proceed to remove the range hood.


Once the hood is removed you will have the wire that we need to get power to the microwave.If you don’t have a range hood. You will either have to run a wire from the breaker box to the microwave.(only if you have access from breaker box to floor under kitchen ).You could run a wire from the nearest outlet to cabinet above microwave.If running a entire new circuit,use 12 wire and a 20 amp breaker.

Use an old work single gang junction box. Place junction box in back right lower side of cabinet above stove by tracing it’s outline with a pencil and cutting it out by drilling holes in the corners of your outline and use Jig-saw to Finish cut. Pull wire through hole in cabinet.Stick wire through junction box and screw box down and install a receptacle.Turn power on and check for power.

Now that the hard part is done.remove the wall hanger plate from the back of the microwave .Measure distance between cabinet which should be 30 a mark in the center and make a plumb line down from it. Place plate on wall and screw it to wall,making sure that at least one screw hits a wall stud.Use toggle bolts where there are no studs.Turn blower fan in microwave so that it recirculates or install duct work to exhaust to the outside.

Measure accurately the bolt holes on microwave and transfer to bottom of cabinet.If the cabinets bottom is recessed add filler blocks where microwave bolts are.Drill holes for bolts. Also drill a 1 1/2 inch hole in bottom back right of cabinet for microwave plug.Have someone help you lift microwave up and hang on the lip of the plate this will hold some of the weight while you screw the bolts in from the top.Make sure you have put the plug through the hole you drilled.

Check for level.Plug microwave in, and program.You can now enjoy the space and convenience of your new over the range microwave.


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