You Who Could Never Be Mine

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Wherever I look at you,
I feel a sudden sadness,
because I know you are someone who could never be mine…
Maybe you have noticed the sudden changes

I am having lately, I just couldn’t handle it anymore
I cannot go on forever pretending that you are just my friend
When deep inside you are very special
I hate myself for not being able to admit
this stupid feelings I have for you
I am afraid for the consequences that are to happen.

You’re smiles keep on haunting me
My mind is telling me to forget you, but how?

Those time we have spent together wil always be with me
’cause I know it’s all I hate of you
If ever the times come that you will be able
to know the way I’m feeling you.

Promise me you will never hate me
I know it’s wrong to love you and there’s
nobody to blame but me
I’m not aware that I have been
falling for you until that time…
And hurts me so much to know
that you could never be mine
the way I’m wanting you.

The distance between us is getting bigger
I couldn’t do anything but to admire you from a distance
So please, forgive me for being so foolish
I know whatever happens, you and I will be fantasy.

Only in my dreams I can hold you
Only there can I call you mine…
but when the dreams are finally over
reality creeps through my heart and will again proclaim that
you are someone…


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