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Yes I know, good quality, targeted traffic is the hardest thing to come across in the business world, that’s if you’re looking for cheap or Free quality traffic. Don’t get me wrong, paid quality traffic is by far the best, but not everyone has that type of budget. I want to show you a simple easy method that will bring you a flood of traffic to any website, blog or article you may have with no strings attached. Getting one way links to your website is one of the most effective ways for getting the type of traffic you need to build you’re business fast and easy.

The key to this is to have back-links from high traffic websites that are ranked high on Google. *Netscape is ranked number nine on Google, and having your link on this obviously high traffic website pointing to your website will bring you a truck load of targeted free traffic that you didn’t have to pay for, it only takes a few minutes of your time to set up, and it’s legal with NO black hat tricks that will get you banned from the search engines. *To get started, you need to go to and sign up for an account, you know, like the usually thing, and choose a username and password.

*Once you get signed up, click login at the top right side of the page and insert your username and password, and so on. *Click on the link that says “Submit A Story” and here’s where you write the summary of your article or website. *Make sure you put an eye catching title in the title area to get people to click on your link heading. *Put the website URL where you want the visitors to go when they click on your story link. *Before submitting your story you want to read the terms and rules to avoid any confusion.


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