Biggest Hair Myths

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Myth # 1 – Trimming my hair will allow it to grow faster, longer, and thicker.

This is false. For those who are trying to grow out their hair to be long and healthy it is not necessary to cut your hair in order for it to grow. However, trims may be necessary from time to time if your hair has been exposed to harsh treatment, chemicals, or even just the outdoors. Remember, hair grows from the root of your head not the ends!

Myth # 2 – It is possible to repair split ends.

Everything that claims it can “fix” your split ends is simply offering a quick and temporary fix, it is not permanent. It is only sticking your hair strands together. The only way for you hair to be rid of split ends is to cut them off.

Another myth is that your hair will keep splitting up the hair shaft. This is also not true, common sense should tell you that split ends will eventually break off. They don’t last enough to split your entire strand of hair.

Myth # 3 – You need lots of shampoo to thorougly clean your hair.

Too much shampoo can actually be bad for your hair. It can severly dry out your scalp. Remember, you just want to rid your hair of dirt and oil, not strip away all of your natural oils. You should only need about a dime size amount.

Myth # 4: Your hair should be brushed 100 times everyday to help distrubute the oils and make your hair shiny.

While curly headed girls should stay away from the brush completely, brushing 100 times daily is quite excessive and harmful to the hair. While it is fine to brush hair to get rid of tangles, too much brushing can cause a lot of breakage and split ends.

Myth # 5

Alcohol in shampoo and conditioner is bad for my hair.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this one.

Cetyl Alcohol and Cetearyl Alcohols, often found in shampoos and conditioners, can actually help hold moisture in hair, as well as making hair easier to comb and more manageable. However, stay away from Ethanol/ SD Alcohol-40.


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