10 Ways to Boost Your Walking Workout

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Pick at least one of these workout boosters to try each time you walk.

Bring a friend
When you have a walking buddy counting on you, you’ll be less likely to skip a walk.

Add a walking accessory
My favorite is the Express Stretch. Just stretch the band in all directions as you walk for a safe, effective muscle boost.

Head for the hills
Find a route that goes over hills or steps, or climb up a set of stairs after your muscles are warmed up.

Step to the beat
Walk to your favorite upbeat music (about 130 to 140 beats a minute). This is the speed you need for burning fat.

Pick an interesting route
Different terrain will add variety to your walks. new muscles are pulled into action when you walk on sound, grass, dirt paths and hills, and they all make walking more challenging.

Alternative between walking and jogging
As you walk, speed it up to a mild jog for a minute or two. And three or more jogging interval to each walk to really increase your calorie burn.

Stabilize your core
While walking, draw your belly button back toward your spine. This small movement works to help strengthen your midsection.

Put on a weighted vest
Start out with four pounds. When that amount is no longer challenging, add more weight, two pounds at a time.

Go the extra mile
One day a week, take an extra-long walk. Just 10 additional minutes will increase your endurance and calorie burn.

Wear a pedometer
Counting your steps really works to keep you motivated. Remember, one mile is approximately 2,000 steps, and a nice brisk pace is about 15 to 17 minutes per mile.


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