Lose 50 Pounds Fast With DDR

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Who says that exercise needs to be boring? Most people avoid exercising because for many it is a tedious and boring subject. DDR changes that though, by making exercise fun again! You can choose to play in an arcade, or at home with a Playstation 2 system. Xbox 360 and Wii consoles also have the title available.

DDR is an active game that requires you to step on corresponding arrows in conjunction with catchy and fun music. Songs and speeds vary greatly from beginner to extreme.

DDR has been shown to burn over 500 calories an hour on a standard to heavy mode. Of course, what you burn depends entirely on your age, heart rate, and weight. Those who weigh more will definitely burn more, thus losing weight much faster.

The amazing part is that DDR is fun and addictive, making it easy to put in 1 or more hours while trying to master some songs. This is what leads to losing 50 pounds or more very quickly. Several people I know swear by this method of weight loss, because you can still eat whatever your heart desires.

DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) also doubles as a Cardio workout AND strength training. A few hours per week of DDR will turn flabby legs into strong muscular works of art. DDR also works on your balance, and coordination. Its a challenging, yet easy to play game that can get anyone fit fast.

If you are interested in losing 50 pounds (more or less depending on what you want) FAST , then give DDR a try!


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