Top 10 Best Companies to Work at From 9-5 (or 10-6, or 11-3)

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Some American companies rock at taking care of working moms–and all their workers. In 2007, Working Mother gave these employers tip-top scores for their family-friendly policies and attitudes.

1. Baptist Health South
Florida, Floral Gables, FL

Almost half of all employees at this health-care organization flex their schedule, meaning they work full-time but vary their arrival and departure times to meet their own needs. Plus, the company offers a loan of up to $10K to first-time home buyers.

2. Booz Allen Hamilton,
McLean, VA
Workers at this consulting firm receive a 10 percent discount at a national child-care chain, plus have access to low-cost backup care. There’s also a career model for permanent part-timers.

3. Ernst & Young, New York City
A Working Moms Network at this accounting firm helps new moms transition back to work, and if a new dad is the primary caregiver, he gets six weeks of leave at full pay (if he’s not, he still gets two). Workers can also arrange for 12 full days per year of subsidized backup child or adult care (workers pay $4 to $15 per hour).

4. General Mills,

Forty-four percent of staffers at this food corporation use flextime, and others telecommute and job-share. There’s an on-site child-care center in Minneapolis, and employees at other locations receive a 10 percent discount at two national child-care chains. Plus, the company pays 85 percent of sick child care for employees’ kids.

5. IBM, Armonk, NY
To encourage family time, this technology company offers a program that teaches employees about boosting productivity and cutting unnecessary work. And staff can send kids to the firm’s science/tech summer programs for free (last summer, 1,600 kids participated!).

6. KPMG, New York City
At this accounting firm, more than 65 percent of staffers flex their hours, telecommute, or compress their work weeks. The firm also assists with in-house and center-based backup care.

7. The McGraw-Hill Companies,
New York City

New mothers at this publishing company get 26 weeks of leave, including four weeks fully paid and six partially paid leave, which can be used during the new baby’s first six months.

8. PricewaterhouseCoopers,
New York City

Staffers at this accounting firm receive discounted child care, and when they’re away on business, the firm foots the child-care bill. In addition to 12 weeks of leave (nine paid), if new moms have twins or triplets, they get two extra weeks off.

9. UBS, New York City
At this financial-services firm, The Working Parents Group provides mentoring, and the Career Comeback program offers advice for women on reentering the workforce.

10. Wachovia, Charlotte, NC
Almost a third of employees at this financial-services firm telecommute, and the company hosts an annual work-life balance event to educate employees.


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