Tips to choose printer based on your need

Like when choosing computer, choosing a printer is not easy as you thing. Many things should you consider, starting from the specifications, brands until the price according to our budget. To be able to select the printer in accordance with your needs, you can be categorizes as follows.

1. Determine the type of printer to buy. Currently there are three types of printers that many circulating in the market, for example inkjet, laser and multifunction.

2. Inkjet printers suitable for personal needs at home, small companies and to print text. This printer is also able to print graphics although not as good quality laser printer. Inkjet printers have a relatively affordable price, easy maintenance and inexpensive.

3. Laser printer suitable for offices with LAN network that large enough or the office that prioritizing speed, efficiency and quality of printing which is high enough. This printer can produce well enough for text and graphics.

4. Multifunction printer is a printer type other than functions for printing; this is also equipped with other functions such as fax and scanning. This makes the use of more efficient and more affordable prices compared to buying printers, fax machines and scanners one by one. But the weakness of the multifunction printer is when there are problems or damage to one of its functions. This can be inconvenient because we have to send it to service center. So that we can not use the above three functions simultaneously.

5. Specify printer resolution that will be purchased. This can be determined by looking at the DPI (Dot Per Inch) which is capable of printing by the printer. The greater the DPI of the printer, then it will be faster and more subtle in print.

6. Compare prices to buy a printer, consider by include other facilities, such as maintenance, support center and the purchase of spare parts / ink.

By using the tips above you can find out what kind of printer should be selected based on the function, needs, quality and prices generated in accordance with the budget and service after the sale.

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