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What is Linkbaiting and How Can Internet Marketers Benefit from It? What is the most common and hottest issue in Internet marketing and blogging today? It is linkbaiting. If you are concerned with the traffic you are getting for your site, then, you know how important linkbaiting is. Some people are not just of the possible effective marketing tools in the Internet today. With the throng of Internet marketing tools available online, choosing the best and most feasible strategy can be very tedious. However, in spite of the many available tools, there is only one goal to pursue — to be easily accessible to everybody. The point here is that website owners should be able to come up with practical solutions that will lure traffic to their site. They must be able to let everybody know that certain site exists and that useful information and products are available. To do this, webmasters or web developers need to use baits to hook people into their site. You need to catch their attention so that they will respond to whatever it is that you are trying to offer them. This is where linkbaiting takes place. Among the various link building techniques, linkbaiting is said to be the most effective technique. As they say, linkbaiting can definitely lurch the big fish in and catch the attention of the new media for gigantic link building process. So what makes linkbaiting so popular? Aren’t the other link building strategies capable of creating massive links as well? At some point, some link building strategies can do the job quite well. However, one of the main reasons why linkbaiting creates more impact than the others is that it entails a widely held web contents on the site that are deemed as only one of its kind. The idea of linkbaiting was popularized through the inception of blogosphere. The first few links created where seen on the links made among blogs. Blogs need to be unique in order for the other blogs to create links on them and the process has to be regular to generate traffic. Conceptual Framework The main idea of linkbaiting is to create contents that are out of ordinary to get attention. The risk involve could be very high but exceptionally doable. In fact, it just makes the game even more exciting. Some people may opt for more secured ways of linkbaiting but the process will be very dreary. Like the usual baits used to lure fishes, linkbaiting also needs hooks to reel in big catches. These hooks are the primary tools needed to lure the big fishes and create a boost in a particular website’s sales performance and popularity. Here are some of the most common hooks used in linkbaiting: 1. News hook This particular hook used in linkbaiting pertains to a collection of various news stories. The kinds of exposé that you will post on your site will be your news hook. Stories about fraud and other unfolding events that were not previously exposed to the public are good pieces of news hook. 2. Attack hook From the word itself, the kind of impact that you are going to create on your audience will be based on the way you try to rubbish the opposition. Although it is quite degrading to put other people’s reputation or products in the hot seat, the idea of reaping thousands, if not millions, of traffic to your site is definitely a great advantage. After all, you do not vie for Ms Congeniality here. What matters most is the way you generate traffic for your site. 3. Contrary hook This is similar to the attach hook, though, a little tamer on the side. Contrary hook is more of contradicting the other blogger about a certain point of view. The way you create contrast is exactly the main flavor to spice up everything else. 4. Humor hook Spicing up is not just the name of the game. What is funny is even better at times. So try to create blogs that are not just funny but bitingly witty and amusing. New jokes, old anecdotes, and cartoons brighten up the blog. All of these are boiled down to the fact that the concept of link building should not be constrained on how you will try to promote your product effectively. In order to get good links, you must hook your client’s interest by providing them things that will really interest them.


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