Basic components Motor Injection

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In general, the basic component of gasoline injection system are grouped into three fuel system (fuel system), air induction system (water induction system) and electronic control systems (electronic control system). However, Yamaha have a term in solitary group component injection Yamaha V-Ixion the sensor group, the control group and actuator group.

Sensor group consists of components that duty to detect the condition of the machine and change into electrical signals. The sensor signals generated group sent to the ECU. Control group is a computer that processes the sensor inputs from the group and ordered actuator working group. So actuator is a component group eksekutor command of the ECU, such as gasoline pumps and injektor.

If seen from the spray method is again divided into two. That is the basic injection control group (basic fuel injection devices) and group settings correction (correction devices). Corrections system is needed because the machine will not work perfectly with only the basic injection volume. The machine must be able to work on various conditions.

The basic components include the injection MAP sensors and sensor rotary engine. While the correction devices, among others, incoming air temperature sensor, throttle position and temperature of the gas engine.

Examples of such work. Incoming air temperature information is sent to the ECU as additional information from the MAP sensor. ECU will add or reduce the spray of gas was based on additional information. In other words, although the amount of air entering the same but the number of sprays gasoline can vary.

The following details the basic components of gasoline injection system in general (more on the car and applied moge). Have been included in the basic components of the fuel injection devices and correction devices. Remember, in practice not all components are available in an injection gasoline engine. Even the implementation of a special motorcycle learner-cc small designed very practical needs.

1. Fuel system
Category that includes components that distribute gasoline (fuel system), among others: gas tank, pump gasoline, distillate fuels, conduit gasoline, fuel pressure regulators, pulsation damper, injektor and cold start injektor.

2. Air induction system
Components of a number canalize the air (water induction system) is needed in the burning include: air filter, the water flow meter, throttle body and water Valve.

3. Electronic control systems
The injection system that includes electronic control (electronic control system), namely: water flow meters, manifold absolute pressure, water temperature sensor, throttle position sensor, Intake water temperature sensors, electronic control units, ignition signal, Oxygen sensor, cold start injector time switch Ignition and enjoy and signal.


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