Blogging: A New and Valuable Tool For Niche Marketing

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The Internet is fast becoming a formidable tool in marketing and advertising. If you check your local bookstore, you will find that an increasing number of shelves are devoted to books and materials that are about how each of us could take advantage of the World Wide Web in marketing your products.

People nowadays are getting more and more dependent on the Internet to provide them with useful information about anything under the sun and to help them make their lives easier (with the help of e-banking, online stores, etc).

According to recent figures from the Central Intelligence Agency, active Internet users in the US have reached far greater than 200 million. The number of Net users is expected to increase exponential not only in the US, but also the whole world. Faster connection, better infrastructure, improvements in hardware and software, and availability of cheaper and more affordable computers and Internet connection will surely contribute to a staggering rise in active Internet users for years to come.

Now is the perfect time to capitalize on the Internet to promote and advance your services and products. What are blogs? Web logs, or what is commonly known as blogs, actually originated as web-based journals and diaries. People use posted blogs using blog platforms to express what they feel and share their views and experiences for the world to see. As more and more people became aware and users of blogs, ingenious technology-enthusiasts, desperate entrepreneurs and marketing professionals have discovered the potential of blogs as marketing tools.

Now, even multinational companies and global media groups are making use of blogs as a way to reach their target market or clientele. Advantages of using blogs In comparison to making websites, posting a blog is a walk in the park. You don’t need programming skills nor HTML expertise in making a blog.

To start your own blog, all you need to find is a website that provides a blog platform. Furthermore, the ease of posting new messages, forums, pictures, links, and additional articles make blogs more attractive than maintaining a website. Blogs are becoming a more effective marketing tool than static websites because it is interactive and informal. Ordinary people like us can post comments and participate in discussions and forums in the web logs of other people. Since the tone is informal, more people are encouraged to participate and join discussions.

Lastly, blogs are cost efficient. If your company is just starting out, you can save a lot by blogging because you do not need to pay a web designer or buy a domain address because anybody can make and update a blog. Thus, you can use the money intended for website maintenance to add to your operational budget or product improvement.

Using blogs for niche marketing Even before the emergence of the Internet, advertisers already know the importance of targeting a niche, or a specific group of individuals, when creating a marketing pitch. Niche marketing will enable you to focus all your promotional activities and campaigns to a segment of society composed of your potential customers. The narrow focus will enable a company or an individual concentrate on providing services and goods that will cater to the needs and interests of a specific target group.

Effective blogging tips Provide regular fresh and insightful content The key to reaching your target market through blogging is by regularly offering relevant and useful articles. If most of your content sounds like marketing pitches, people will not be motivated to visit your blog regularly.

Use informal and friendly voice that readers can relate and respond to Readers are enthralled with blog entries that are easy to understand and are informal. You will bore your readers if you use jargons and overly eloquent diction. Employ links to supply useful information Most blog readers are constantly looking for new information and statistics related to their interests and needs. Thus, you will earn marketing points if your blog is a treasure chest of relevant and useful information.

Blogging is now not only a venue for spilling out feelings and ideas. Businesses, small and big alike, can make use of blogging to cater to the needs of their niche market. 


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