What You Need to Start Your Own E-zine

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Starting an effective e-zine that generates consistent revenue isn’t as hard as it might appear on the surface. In fact, to get started, all you need is a very basic set of tools, including an autoresponder with a broadcast system, a website (although this is option), and a series of e-zine content.

For the autoresponder, you can use the services of a company like http://www.getresponse.net or http://www.aweber.com, which both have a reputation for getting emails through to subscribers – and both of which have broadcast services. Additionally, both of these services will allow you to send out an automated series of messages to subscribers, will create opt-in forms for you, and will track subscriber statistics for you. If you prefer to do most things yourself – and also need to save some money – you could take a somewhat less effective route and setup your own autoresponder by purchasing a script. This option is problematic for a number of reasons, but if you’re up to the challenge, you may be able to get it to work for you reasonably well.

The next thing you will need to start your own e-zine is a website, which is optional, but is usually a good idea, anyway. Having a website will make the opt-in process more effective, as it will allow you to setup a form and then send traffic to it. Additionally, it will allow you to create copy next to your opt-in list.

The last thing you will need to start your own e-zine is a series of e-zine content. Today, this is relatively easy to find. You can pull it from articles directories, you can purchase private label autoresponder courses, and you can even hire someone else to write all of the articles for your e-zine. Whichever route you do end up taking, just make sure that the content you provide is high-quality. This is the key to increasing your subscription base – and subsequently making more money.  






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