Busting the Myth about E-zine Publishing

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Internet marketing is riddled with mythology – about things that do and do not work. Many of these myths prevent people from figuring out what really does work by forcing them to work around some pre-established principle that has never been proven. This is why busting the myth about e-zine publishing is important.

The biggest myth about e-zine publishing is that it is used exclusively for the purpose of giving away freebies to members, as a means to grow more subscribers or to get more visitors. While this can be one application of an e-zine, it isn’t the actual purpose of an e-zine. If it were, no one would actually create an e-zine, as it would simply be a loss of money and time.

The purpose of an e-zine is actually to generate revenue for the owner. All other applications, such as giving away freebies and increasing traffic to the site are secondary purposes – or are actually mechanisms used to generate more sales in the long run. Unfortunately, many new Internet marketers do not understand this; and will often end up avoiding list building because they feel that it is an expensive activity that may not yield any profit in the long run. This couldn’t be any further from the truth.

So don’t believe any of the myths circulating about e-zine publishing. Not only is it a profitable endeavor, but those freebie giveaways – even the onese that might look like they would make you broke if you actually did them – are actually making that list owner money in the long run. All he/she has to do is give away freebies for a period of time, cultivate a list, and then cash in by monetizing it – the most important part by far.  






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