The Seventh Moon

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What would you do before the passing of the seventh moon?

Through ancient magic he showed me
A death scroll he had broken
Intentions for him 
Repercussions to me

I found him too late
How was he to know
In doing so he sealed my fate

He did not believe
Different worlds we roamed
through lost magic
I showed him my home

The first moon passes
Breathless I stand
No healer can help
This pain I felt

A solitarty muse
Ancient teachings were taught
She spoke of a prophecy
Look to the seventh moon.

The second moon passes
A weakness is felt
Two worlds combine
bringing the second sign

Could ancient magic break his spell?
Dark magic from my Shillen?
I fear my village
I vowed never to return

Tonight is the third moon
I still have not returned
At the edge of the village I stood
Hidden behind three trees

I stared at the red rock
Here the attack took place
An early age I turned on my race
Scarred were those who taunted me
Scared was what I had become

Four moons are left to pass
Who do I trust?
Who do I ask?
Do I sit idle by
My time to slip away with the darkness?

Before I came here dark in the night 
I visited the Mother Tree
I crept slowly, cautiously
She called to me, she remembered me
Her wisdom her love
She says I know the answer
Search our memories from a time far away
Faded memories hold the key

Faded memories?
I gasped, eyes widened
Fadedmemory, a dwarf, another world, my home
Mother Tree smiled
An envious tear on my cheek
Secrets unlocking, a prophecy unfolds
Four moons remain you must be bold.

I bow, I run four paces.
I turn, I look, my eyes ashamed
I turn, I run to summon the one
The one who holds the key.


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