A Lovers Kiss

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S itting across the room from you, I capture your gaze and give you a shy smile.
I can see a grin tugging at the corners of your mouth and the sparkle in your eyes.
I’m instantly entranced.
I rise and walk toward the center of the room, and you meet me halfway.
I reach up and caress your cheek.
You take my palm and press a sweet kiss to my palm and then place my hand on your heart.
It’s beating as quickly as mine with wonder and passion.
You brush your lips with mine once, twice, then again with all the desire of a lifetime.
My arms around your neck, yours around my waist, we melt together, lost forever in each other.

I can envision us snuggled, sitting on the floor with an afghan wrapped about us.
Me, leaning up against the sofa and you against me with my arms around you.
Your head resting on my shoulder and against my cheek.
I place a couple gentle kisses and you turn, look to my eyes with a wanting smile.
Mesmerized by your beauty I hesitate to place a kiss to your lips.
Not being enough, we kiss again – this time longer, yet still too short.
You turn out of my hold and kneel before me, placing your hands to my face.
Your eyes dancing, yet fixed on mine.
You move closer and tease me with a little bite to my lip.
A taunting smile creases your lips as your eyes fill with passion.
As you move closer again, I embrace you to keep you near.
Our lips press against each other, the passion flows as our bodies tingle with excitement.


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