How To Germ Proof Your Home And Your Self

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200712095thgradegradblake0051_Thumb.jpgChildren need to keep their hands away from their faces. Make sure you wash your hands after hand shakes touching the remote control ,door knobs, going to the bathroom, cell phones, regular phones. And keep your hands away from your eyes or mouth and your nose especially when you have the sniffles. Make sure your children keep their hands away from their faces because that’s where they start to spread germs.

112070111z2007lamborghinimurcielagolp640 Wash Your Hands AS Many Times As You Can! Wash, wash ,wash, sing happy birthday in your head 3 times. That should be sufficient. Don’t get caught up using bacterial wipes to much because your body can become immune to it.

One of the other reasons children or adults can get sick and pick up germs is, when its cold out make sure you stay bundled up .If you get the chills your immune system is down and you can get sicker. Since I’m a health nut and I know for a fact if you do some sort of exercise it will also boost your immune system. You come into contact with a lot of thing everyday. People ,doors,cars,trains phones,bathrooms,other items that other people have touched, Just wash your hands as many times a day as you can and you will cut down on the chances of getting sick. Don’t forget to take a good multi vitamin to help keep your system balancedYou Must wash your hands all the time .Its very important. Especially when your children get home from school. There are so many GERMS there and on the bus etc, etc,


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