Working in the Home

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Many people want less responsability when it comes to finding work like having to feed yourself with information and coaching yourself instead of having someone to prompt you for feedback. In the average world today people usually do both especially if they have families with children that take much of their time away. Here are some reasons why it is beneficial to work at the home.

1) When you are home you can set your own hours without being forced to start at 9 am. There is no end time as well. I think that this is great especially in an era of reduced pay from companies, lack of perks and bothersome staff.

2) When you work from home you are only answerable to yourself, there are no dress codes to bother with, nosy co-workers who want to know why you haven’t put in extra hours or cranky supervisors who tell you how lucky you are to have a job when it is a given in North America especially at work places that undervalue their employees and berate them for their quality.

3) When you are at home you can get up for a coffee whenever you want without being controlled by middle management who behave like bullies.

4)You can change the way in which you work without having to answer to someone else. So when for example I decided to install a dvd player to watch a film while I was typing up a blog, I did not have to ask permission nor worry about repercussions.

5) You can organize your pay the way you see fit. This means you can ask your job supplier to pay you weekly or bi-weekly if you like or if you have more than one employer work out your pay schedule so that each one pays you on alternate weeks.

6) You are free to get insurance coverage if you want to and are not obligerd to pay into the system that does little or askes you for too much from your pay stub.

7) There s not threat of a work week reduction, or reduced pay and other ploys that have occurred at the work place. You are responsible for the number of hours you work and can ask for whatever pay you want when you freelance.


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