Homemade New Year`s salad

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Homemade New Year`s salad is very delicious, fresh, rich in ingredients and easy for preparation. It is suitable for vegetarians. This salad contains lots of vegetables like carrots, green onions, pickled gherkins, sweetcorn, cucumber, peas, parsley and even green bean(if you like it). The salad tastes very good with lots of mayonnaise. You can choose your favorite one. If you prefer you can put some ham but in this case it is not good for vegetarians.

The salad serves 10-12 people


800 gr pasta(if you do not like pasta you can replace it with boiled potatoes)

1 cup boiled green beans

1 cup carrots

1/2 cup green onions

1/2 cup pickled gherkins

1 cup sweetcorn

1/2 cup cucumber

1 cup boiled peas

1/2 cup parsley

2 cups of mayonnaise (choose your favorite one)

salt to taste

1/2 cup lemon juice

For non vegetarian: 1 cup of ham (or sausage cut into small pieces)

How to make the salad?!

First boil the pasta( or the potatoes), this depends on your choice. While doing this you can prepare the vegetables and ham by cutting them into small pieces. Meanwhile you can boil the green beans and the peas if you do not have ready ingredients. Dry the pasta,peas and green beans. Mix the pasta with all the vegetables (and the ham) in a big bowl. Add the mayonnaise and the lemon juice and stir well. If there is a need you can put some more mayonnaise. The salad is ready but wait a little bit. You can decorate it with parsley and lemon slices or put some olives on the top. Enjoy it!


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