Lungwort an Early Bloomer of Spring

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Lungwort, or scientifically call, Pulmonaria, are among the first to welcome the beautiful season of spring. The Lungwort plant originated in the western region of Asia and Europe. It is believed that there are between 10 and 18 different species of the Lungwort plant around the world.

The scientific name, Pulmonaria, comes from ‘Pulois’, which in Latin means ‘lung’ and the Saxon word for plant is ‘wort,’ leading to the word, Lungwort. The oval leaves of the plant have been said to resemble the shape of lungs and the white spots on them made the plant look is if they were diseased.

Lungwort is an herb plant and is perennial, meaning they come back year after year. They have white spots on their leaves and their flowers bloom in lovely shades of blue, pinks, reds, violet and purple. They are small plants, usually not growing more than a foot high.

This plant is easy to care for. Lungwort plants need only to be watered once a week in the spring and twice a week or so in the summer. They do well in the sun, but do prefer partial shade. Most Lungwort do fine in zones 4 thru 8.

Healers of the past used Lungwort to make lotions, poultices, syrups and washer for treating wheezing, coughs, ulcers, wounds and jaundice. Today the plant is used for medical as well as cooking purposes.

This odd looking plant, with its many uses, is one to be enjoyed each and every spring.




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