Jodi Picoult : My Sister’s Keeper

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Recently born, Anna must have gives umbilical cord blood cells for Kate, her sister who has leukimia disease. She also must gives spinal marrow, some operations, transfusion and injection Kate. Before Anna was born, Kate is sentenced leukimia since the age of 2 years and there is not a donor match,so are her parents (Sara and Brian) or Jesse, her brother. So Sara and Brian accidentally delivered Anna, who designed a DNA computer as a donor to extend the life Kate. By the teenagers, Anna starts to ask questions when she should stop supply the needs of Kate. Sara request to Anna to contribute her kidney to Kate, Anna insurgent hearts. But in the age of 13 years, Anna law to file a claim against the parents, demanding medical freedom and the rights to the body itself. In court, Anna must make the decision to maintain the family broken. Because of the decline so donors, Kate safety is threatened. Can be a conflict of Anna in the inner court as the junior girls against their own family? Anna own hesitated to continue the case because the risks are too great. Win or lose, there will be victims of suffering. It’s either her or her sister. The theme of this book is very controversial. Book author, Jodi Picoult (Creative Writing graduates from Princeton and a Master of education from Harvard), the monastery’s sly story. Jody blowing in the share portion of each character so that leaders can all the same opportunity to express their thoughts. Reading this book will make our heart is confused. Who is right and who should be uppermost? Be it in the beginning we defend Anna, but in the middle of the book Sarah and Brian is correct. Or perhaps also in the beginning we assume Anna evil, but take a long time felt that she has the right to say enough! It’s truly an emotional roller coaster! Towards the end, there is one big reason behind Anna’s decision.


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