Write a Love Letter

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Write a love letter to your sweetheart and show them how you feel. There is no better way to win someone’s heart than to bare your own. A love letter written from the heart will be a treasured gift.

In this day of instant communications via emails, IMs, and text messages try to write a love letter by hand. It will  surely grab your love’s attention. Buy some beautiful stationary with matching envelopes. You want to engage their interest from the first instant they see the envelope.

Sit down and make a quick list of the things you want to share. You can write a love letter about your hopes and dreams for the future. You can write a love letter to remind them of treasured moments from the past. You can write a love letter about your feelings. If you don’t know what to say, start listing whatever comes to mind and you will see a direction.

Once your list is made, go back and select the most important point and rank the others. Now write a rough draft. You should start with an introduction which says why you are writing the letter. From there move on to your points from the list. Remember this is about being romantic, not about being funny or sexy. Write a love letter from your heart.

Think about your salutation. Don’t be generic, if you are going to write a love letter make it personal. There are many to choose from such as “My Dearest” or “My Darling.”  You also need to consider your closing. Try “With All My Love” or a line from a favorite poem. The point is to let them know that you thought about every word in the letter.

Now it is time to sit down and write. Get out the stationary, a good pen, and write. Try to be neat but don’t be obsessive. Write a love letter with emotion, that is what will count in the end.

Decide how to deliver it. You might want to deliver it by hand over a romantic dinner. You might want to mail it and let your partner have the pleasure of discovering it in the mail. However you choose to deliver it, you can write a love letter than will be cherished.


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