6 pack abs everyone wishes!!

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The media has everyone in a frenzy to get a six pack abs set. I thought I may shed some light for you folks wanting the 6 pack so badly.  It is extremely difficult to do, diet is crazy and essential. It is not just a matter of some fancy workout apparatus doing it constantly and you will have a 6 pack. You have to stay on a constant lean diet that basically sucks. Those folks you see on TV or videos who got them are paid to do so. It is their job, and how they make their money. Normal folks at some point want a life, want to eat some decent food, and abs don’t stay around long. It is very difficult to maintain 6% or less body fat. So, be realistic here and be aware.

A lot of the supermodels and actors we see are genetically gifted with a great midsection. They might not have to work as hard as the normal person to achieve the results we see. However, leading up to a motion picture or photo shoot, a lot of them go on a crazy diet and training regimen. What we see is usually only temporary, then back to normal. It’s nice to see a well developed core, but again, these results usually don’t last forever.

To add to this, one must be happy with their current muscular size, because to achieve the six pack you certainly cannot gain any muscle anywhere, and one must realize that if you have bird legs and arms, a six pack is not going to make you look great. In fact looks silly in most cases.

Just keep it simple. Train as regularly as you can and have a healthy food! You will slowly and gradually get your desired result.


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