Broken Promises

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Years of unsaid things, lies about the past.
A letter full of promises, that never would last.
Thoughts that go unspoken, for her not to hear.
A box full or promises, that only he fears.
Secrets that are kept, to delay the pain.
A conversation full or promises, that will drive her insane.
Deceptions are created, so she won’t know what’s real.
A tearful of promises, so she’s confused about how she should feel.
Precautions are made, to conceal all of the lies.
A heart full of promises, now it’s hard to look her in the eyes.
Covering it all up, so no one will know.
A life full of promises, and her pain continues to grow.
Hidden are his secrets, of endless things.
A letter full of promises, every word to her stings.
So many things that he has kept in the dark.
Memories full of promises, he’s left his mark.
Lies, a cry for help that every one misses.
A love full of promises, or so she wishes

A plan to keep thing safe, so she can’t tell what’s right,
A head full of promises, she sleeps alone again tonight.
So many lies, he can’t keep them straight. Hoping that she won’t see.
A planned life full of promises, forever scarred and hurt she will be.
False beliefs and words he made up, along with the rest.
A stalled life full of promises, she knows she believed more than anyone, she believed the best.
Wounds that might not, or someday may heal.
Promises that hurt, he knew every one she would feel.
Ideas that are shoved, deep into the ground.
The whole relationship filled with promises, everything she has now found.
Screams and cries that resonate in her mind.
A night full of promises, every lie she then finds.
Hopes and dreams, that never will come true.
A life she was lead to believe to be, she wanted it too


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