The Haunted Lantern Room

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Listen here to some Spooky Music while reading the true ghost story of Plas Mawr:

The entrance of the house is only marked now by the coming and going of tourists who count the steps of the watchtower (52) or the windows (365). Some of the rooms are restored to the splendour they possessed during a winter night centuries ago, when a cold wind was blowing down the valley of Conway and Sir Robert Wynne was fighting in a foreign war.

Together with her three year old son, the lady of the house went again and again to the watchtower… but there still was nog sign of her husband. She offered her hand to her son, to guide him down the steep steps… and then she missed a step and screamed as she was falling and pulling her son down with her.

A servant heard it and found his mistress and the boy badly injured at the foot of the stairs. They were moved into the Lantern Room. A doctor was sent for, but it was not the family doctor who arrived a few minutes later – the man had been called out for another patient -, but a young doctor who had not much experience. He wanted a servant to go searching for a doctor with greater experience, but the servants refused him to leave Plas Mawr. They locked the young doctor inside the Lantern Room and insisted that he should try and do something for the lady of the house and the child.

They waited for hours, until there was this hammering on the main door. Sir Robert Wynne had arrived… to find his wife, his son and the baby in the Lantern Room, all of them stone cold. Sir Robert went looking for the young doctor, but he couldn’t find him and because there were no windows through which he could have escaped, Sir Robert was convinced he must be hiding somewhere in the Lantern Room. He locked the door again and all night long, the servants could hem hear cursing as he searched for the doctor.

Morning came and the servants could hear their master no longer pacing the Lantern Room. It had become strangely silent there… They opened the door with a second key and found their master on the floor; he had plunged a dagger into his own throat.

It remained a mystery what had happened to the young doctor, who was never seen again in Plas Mawr. Sir Robert, on the contrary, has been seen often in Plas Mawr… And at night you can still hear him pacing the floor of the Lantern Room…

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