How to Keep a Clean Tidy Home

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Do you know people who always keep a neat and clean home? Have you always wanted to be like them? Well guess what? You can. All that you have to do is follow out suggestions and enjoy your clean tidy home.

First of all, clean up behind yourself at all times. It’s easier to keep up with the work than to catch up with it. Always apply this simple rule in your home- if you mess it up clean it up. When followed, you it will be easier to keep your house clean.

Each time you use the kitchen and bathrooms clean it up immediately. After you cook and eat, wash the dishes, put them away, wipe off stove, counter and cabinets. If necessary, sweep and mop the floor.

Clean the bathroom each time you use it. This means clean the slower stall and/or bath tub, the toilet, sink and wipe around the sink after use. It’s a good thing to stock your kitchen and bathroom with antibacterial wipes to use for daily cleaning.

Make up your bed as soon as you get out of it. This makes your bedroom look great and when you get home and it’s time for bed, the bed will already be ready for you.

Take a few minutes to dust each day. You’ll be surprised to know that dust accumulates quickly. A feather hand duster will work for this job.

Be organized with your newspapers, magazines, and mail. Once you read them throw junk mail away. Clip coupons that you want from the newspapers and magazines and throw away the ones that you don’t want to see. It is common practice to choose a space for mail. This can be a sore for eyes. So if you have such a space, clean it up every single day.

Utilize scents to give your home a fresh smell. This can be acquired through oils, candles , plug in scents, sprays , incense and etc. There’s nothing more pleasing in a home than scents.

Keep your home slightly ventilated, crack a window so that you can breathe the fresh air.

In closing, you can tidy up your home by cleaning up behind yourself, making your bed as soon as you rise, dusting using a feathered duster, getting rid of paper clutter, utilizing scents and ventilating properly.


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