How to Spice Up Your Boring Marriage

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Hey I know that you love your mate and you want a fulfilling marriage; however, after years of being together you sort of stopped dating and things became a bit dull. This article will help you spice up your marriage!

Do you remember how the two of you meet? How are you looked? Visualize it, what did he and say and do? What did you enjoy? Well even though father time has tried to come in between you and in some instances succeed, you can recapture that fire you once had in your marriage.

First of all, improve upon your appearance. Spice up your look! Add make up, change your hair style (add a little dye if you’re grey), put on cologne to smell good to your mate, spice up your wardrobe and do anything that will make you look your best. Sometimes married couples lose ourselves. So now is the time to correct this mistake and look and smell good.

Secondly, ask him to go on a special date. If you have kids, get a sitter and leave them at home or take them to their grandparents for the night. Choose a form of entertainment that your mate would enjoy and take them out! Have a good time just you and your mate! Enjoy your special time together. Do this often.

Talk to your mate about your relationship. Tell him your goals and aspirations. Focus on your relationship and opening communication. Although you may be tempted to focus on the kids, make a point to talk about him instead.

Show tenderness and be affectionate with your spouse. Commit to making love more frequently. Take your time and enjoy the lovemaking process. Your mate will certainly appreciate your effort and you’ll have a great experience also. Let’s say, it doesn’t happen that night, well use patience and continue steps 1-4and in time it will happen.

In closing, you can spice up your marriage. Simply improve your appearance, go out on a special date, have an open and honest discussion about your relationship, and be more affectionate. By doing this, you’ll definitely get the spice back in your marriage.


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