How to Encourage Your Man to Marry You

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You’ve been dating for a while, and you’re ready to have the big day and become a wife. Unfortunately your boyfriend is not at that point yet. Even if it is driving you mad, you can’t make him marry you. You can however, encourage him subtly and in this article, I’ll teach you how.

First of all, make sure you are getting married for the right reasons. Unfortunately many women get married simply because it ‘seems like the right thing to do.” They dream of being  Prince Charming and Cinderella and living a fairy tale life but they don’t realize that marriage is lot of hard work. And although they do love their mates, they don’t want anyone but him. You just don’t get it, why is he being so resistant? You two are a couple, you do all of the important stuff together which includes all holidays and weekends. He’s happy with this but you’re not and you’re ready to become his wife.

Second, stop being angry with him about this issue. Men don’t respond to threat. Most of them despise people trying to make them do anything. When yu say such things as,  “If you don’t marry me I will…” They think OK, go ahead or they say here we go again. This too will pass. They ignore this and if you’re not careful you can loose your love because they hate nagging women as a rule. They would rather take a hike then lisn to your whining.

Now, you’re on to the angry part. When you talk to him about marriage, speak as your feelings. Example, say to him, “Doug, you would make me feel so happy if you would consider marriage.” Now you’re not angry, you’re just stating that you want to be his wife. You may also let him know that you would be happy to be married to him so that we could start building a life together.” See, you’re not fighting just having a discussion.

Be patient with him. He’ll soon come around in his own time and if you are patient, loving and kind, he’ll probably come around even sooner. Leave the ultimatums alone unless you are going to honor them. For instance, don’t say, “If you don’t do what I want, I’m leaving you.” He’ll probably say, Knowing me, “Go on and mean it.” Plus, he’ll be so tied of all the negative stuff going on between.

Ask him if he could possibly make a long term plan with you and work toward it. Most likely he’ll concur and the two of you can move forward with your marriage plans. You should continue being your smart self and sharing your positive points with him.

Wait for the plan to manifest and in  time, you’ll be the beautiful bride that you want to be. If it takes longer than expected, continue working our plan of not being mad at him,  speak to him about how you feel, be patient and when the time is right, make your wedding plans, rework these steps if necessary and very soon enjoy being the new Mrs. Congratulations!


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