Clean Quickly During the Week

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Yes, even if you’re busy, there is time in your schedule to keep a clean house and keep your weekends free so that you spend less time cleaning and more time having fun. In this article, I will teach you how to achieve this goal.

Convince yourself that you want to have a clean and organized home; even though you are extremely busy. If you don’t care about a clean house, you won’t have the desire to implement this cleaning plan. Therefore, you have to really care about your home and want to keep it clean. Once you do this, you can move to the next step.

Visualize yourself in a clean and organized home every single day. Notice how good it makes your feel. Well, keep working to make this vision a reality and in no time at all, your clean house that is in your mind will manifest into reality.

Next, you must make a realistic cleaning plan. Look seriously at your current schedule and commit to putting in one hour a day toward your goal. After all, a hour is a typical tv show.  For instance, you may decide to break up the ½ hour into two segments – ½ in the morning and1/2 in the evening. Then, give two rooms a good cleaning. Pick up stuff, clean floors and dust. In five days, you can have 10 rooms in order. Just remember to make a habit to pick up behind yourself, daily, as you go. Either way, use a motto, “Mess it up – clean it up.” Then, make it a point to clean up immediately after you make a mess. Work your plan and if you need additional time, rework your previous cleaning plan.

In conclusion, you can keep a clean and organized home if you decide to do it. You simply have to visualize success, make a plan, work your plan, and enjoy the fruits of your labor and then enjoy your beautiful clean home.


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