Top 5 Fitness Mistakes Made

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Top 5 Fitness Mistakes….

1) Vision

Always carry a vision of what you want to be. Without proper vision you may tend to get de-motivated and there is every possibility that you may not achieve what you want to achieve unless you carry a proper vision and the best way to start is to start with a proper vision. Carry a photograph of the person whom you want to be like. Sleep with it or see it the first thing in the morning. This will help you stay focused.

2. Don’t compare yourself to others.

Don’t compare yourself to any big guy in the gym. At the very least you’ll get discouraged that you can’t keep up; at the worst you’ll get hurt. Only remember one thing that you will achieve your desired physique some day. This should be the only cassette running in your mind.

3. Getting De-motivated.

The last thing you want to get is getting de-motivated. This will kill the fire within you and affect your workout. There would be every possibility you might not turn up to the Gym because of de-motivation. Remember getting de-motivated will not help you at any cost but only add to the agony.

4) Cheating on Food.

I know of guys who have been training since years and not being able to see any results. I happened to speak to few of them. Their regular workout lacked proper food which is the essential for good body growth. As you need raw-material, bricks etc to build a house, similarly you need raw material to build muscles. The raw material required to build muscles is food.

5) Over-Training.

Over training means overworked and overworked body does not give you results. It may in fact deteriorate your health. Your body needs rest. Muscle repair work happens only and only while you take rest. Allow rest to your body so that your muscle grow and you too grow.


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