Temporary Removal of Unwanted Hair

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There are several accessible and inexpensive ways to eliminate unwanted hair temporarily. The results of these methods can last anywhere from one day to six weeks before another treatment is required. These methods work by prevent you and others from seeing the hair on the skin’s surface rather than destroying the root of the hair.

Cutting it off or Dissolving it

Shaving is a quick and inexpensive method of removing unwelcome hair. Many people prefer this method because has immediate results and is relatively inexpensive. Soap and water or a shave cream should coat the area to minimize friction. Then, you simply drag the blades of the razor across the skin cutting the hair off.

Even though shaving allows you to get the job done without having to leave the privacy of your bathroom, it also has its down sides. Because shaving does not affect the hair follicle, the hair grows back rapidly and you may have to deal with prickly stubble. Razors also have a tendency to cause cuts, friction burn, and other bothersome problems such as ingrown hair. This increases the possibility of infection.

With results lasting slightly longer than shaving, products known as depilatories use chemical compounds to dissolve problem hair. Following the directions on the product’s package, you apply the emulsion and allow it to sit. Rinse the cream away taking the unwanted hair with it.

The depilatory you choose should not only depend on your skin and hair type, but also on the area you are treating. If you use the wrong formula, depilatories can have no effect on the hair or they can cause painful reactions to the chemicals.

Pulling it out by the root

Plucking is a great solution for removing hair at the roots. This simple method is economical and can easily last for three weeks or more. Tweezers work well on smaller areas such as the eyebrows and upper lip. If you are looking to pluck larger areas, systems such as threading and epilators make the job quick and easy.

Waxing is another option for temporarily removing unwanted hair. The results of this method will generally last three or more weeks. Available professionally or in a home kit, you can choose the method that suits you best. Some people will choose to have their first treatment done professionally so they can learn how it works. They then feel confident trying it on their own. To remove unwanted hair, spread the wax on the area and cover it with a cloth. Then, quickly pull the cloth and remove the entire hair with it. The bonus to using this method is that skin often looks healthier and the hair that grows back often appears less noticeable.

Sugaring works similarly to waxing to eliminate unwanted hair without using harsh chemicals. Made of basic household ingredients such as honey, many people prefer body sugaring because they can purchase it or make it right at home. This method is also less painful than waxing because it pulls only the hair rather than your skin.

With these methods of hair removal, pain, inflammation, and ingrown hairs can appear during and after treatment. However, this method requires longer hair in order to work. This makes the time between treatments uncomfortable. A single body sugar or wax treatment will also put a larger dent in your wallet than shaving or using a depilatory cream.

These techniques for temporary hair removal are relatively inexpensive and produce immediate results. They are widely available for purchase at many local grocery stores and pharmacies. Many people also find these methods more convenient because they can give themselves the treatment in the comfort of your own home. You can try them all to choose the one you like best, or you can even combine methods together to keep your skin smooth and attractive.


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