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A vaccine is created to improve immunity to a particular disease and is given to a person by injecting weakened or attenuated virus directly into your blood stream. When combined with your own immune system, your body kicks into a higher and stronger level of immune system in response to the vaccine to fight diseases. However, if your immune system is too weak to start with, this may result to severe side effects. FDA has approved the new swine flu vaccine and if you are planning to get a shot, it is prudent to know all the facts in order to make a well informed decision.

Swine Flue vaccine 1976. Are you aware that there was swine flu vaccination campaign in 1976 that caused more death from adverse reaction to the vaccine than the swine flu itself? Swine flu shot is believed to increase the risk of brain disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS). GBS attacks the nerve linings causing paralysis or even death. Go to Google and find out more about it.

Side Effects. All drugs have side effects and if you are not aware of the side effects of swine flu vaccine, it could be too late to find out if you took the shot first before you ask the questions. Individuals react to different drugs and therefore side effects vary in each person.

Statistics. It is true that swine flu is highly contagious and people are scared on what they hear on the news. But if you think of it, Malaria kills a million people each and every year and it does not have the same hype as swine flu.

Ask the experts. Stay informed and find out what you can do to keep your immune system strong by asking the doctors. Explain the doubts that you have in taking swine flu shot and understand the other factors involved.

Do your own research. There are books and information on the internet that you can read to find out more about swine flu. The more information you have the better questions you can ask to your doctors.

Keep in mind that swine flu vaccine is formulated under time pressure from the government and other pressing issues. So a lot of people are thinking if the swine flu vaccine is sufficiently tested because of the short time frame that is needed for it to get completed. There is a great chance that all of its side effects are not yet known.

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