ADD/ADHD prt 2

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Im going to rename your symptoms for you…

1. BEHAVIORAL PROBLEMS –  Neglected at Home.

2. ANXIETY – Neglected at Home.

3. DEPRESSION – Neglected at Home.

4. LEARNING and LANGUAGE DISABILITIES – Stupid Kid. Make him/her study harder.

When I was growing up, I either did good, or I did bad. If I did good, I got a treat, if I did bad, I was made to study harder. Work harder. Think…Think…Think….look, some kids are smart, some kids are dumb, some kids do it naturally, some kids have to work at it…the more pills you cram down your stupid kids throats, the LESS they’re going to do, because ummm, you’re DRUGGING them with SIT STILL and STOP THINKING pills.

The solution isn’t the pill or ADD…it’s not real. It’s made up. You parents made it up. Make your kid study harder, take the F** TV away. Don’t say no TV and send them to a room with a TV in it. Go to their rooms, plop the book in front of them, tell them to study it until they get it right…practice until they get it right, take the initiative to go into the room, TAKE out the TV, Take out anything that your kid can do OTHER then their work. When I didn’t do good in school, my father, who is still a very young father at only 48 (I’m 30), so when I was a kid being dumb and slow, at 30, my father was literally in my room, taking my TV, games, and whatever else I could do that wasn’t creative or wasn’t enhancing my brain, OUT of the room, physically MOVING it. You want to cure ADD and ADHD? Get off your fat asses and start parenting like you love your children, Stop letting the TV and Pills do the work.

It’s time to accept the responsability. You ground them and send them to TV and XBOX. Go in their rooms and remove the gadgets, take it all away from them. Hide it, Lock it up, and REFUSE to give in, unless they STUDY harder and learn the material. The drugs you pump your kid full of stunts their brain growth, studying, creating, day dreaming, it all enhances it. Parents, it’s up to you.  Talk to your children. Walk with your children. Sit with your children where there is no television. Read with them. WITH THEM not TO THEM. Read with THEM. Draw with them. Write with them. Learn with them. Ask them things. Take them places. Reward and PUNISH. That is how you end the farse and make believe world, that is ADD/ADHD..

Send the kids outside with a stick and a mud puddle, and see what they come up with…but only after they study and do their work…Goodnight…

I myself was fortunate enough to have parents who cared for me enough to actually develop me, drugging me wasn’t their first option for me not trying hard enough. Now, I get what I want. Cause I work hard at it. I wrote a movie, that has taken 3 years to get attention, but every single day, I devoted some of my time to pushing it, fighting for it, editing it, and its now getting hollywood attention, and should soon be a sale….THATS the result of good parenting…the result of your ADD world, is addicts, murderers, criminals, and Burger King workers.


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