Easy Ways To Save On Luxury Beauty

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We all know that women and men a like love luxury items, including beauty products that are often over priced due to packaging costs and brand name. If you aren’t too hung up on buying the full size, brand new, in the box version of expensive products; then you can save thousands annually.

Perfumes average around $50 for 1 ounce of designer fragrance. Fragrances such as Dolce & Gabanna cost much more, and some may cost less. To save money on luxury items such as perfumes, you can collect samples from various sources. Simply going into a department store and asking for a few samples of various perfumes will result in you going home with nearly an ounce of several designer fragrances. Not just one! Plus, you never have to worry about using up that bottle of perfume that is about to expire.

This is a bit of a scheme, but you can also save tons on make up and other beauty products from Sephora locations. Every order you place on Sephora.com entitles you to 3 deluxe samples. Free shipping offers are usually available too, so if you are already buying necessities, you can still get large samples that last for a couple of uses. Sephora is also known to have special events where you can get free samples that are almost similar to their full size versions!

Malls stores and department stores are very generous when they think you might be a valuable customer or get them an extra sale. If you want to test out a skincare product that is a bit too pricey, you can opt for samples from places like Bath & Body Works. They usually give you large samples of the Patricia Wexler brand, that last you nearly a month or more! Avon is also a fantastic beauty supplier that allows you to get some of the best anti-aging and skincare products at a drugstore rate.

Try before you buy is always the best method, especially when it comes to finding what you want and what you can risk. Not all beauty products are going to work for you, and dropping $5-$40 on a single thing is a waste; especially if it doesn’t work.

Getting free luxury items is one of the easiest things to do, in an economy where business need to make sales; they will likely be very willing to give you samples of items that need selling! Visit www.avoninsider.com to learn more about cheap products and their benefits.


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