How to live longer 1: General review 2

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But what’s happening now? Those who should have lived to 120 years old die at the age of 70. That means they’ve less than 50 years to live on the earth. While analyzing the latest data, surprisingly, I found that most people have health problems at their ages of 40, and by 50 they already have cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and/ or hypertension developed, and next, they disappear from the earth at the age of 60. This outcome tells me that, people nowadays have associated with diseases 50 years in advance, and thus death in advance of their actual ages is a common modern-day phenomenon. Therefore, you won’t be surprising to find them already engaged with 6 chronic diseases: hypertension, coronary heart disease, high lipid, heart failure, cancer, liver disease, coupling with diabetes, osteoporosis, AMD, Prostatic hyperplasia, Cataract, or to be more exact, their bodies have been a dumpsite for these deadly diseases. Sincerely, I feel extremely sad to look at this outcome. Hence, I urge you all not to die of ignorance. It’s a pity that many people nowadays have died of their ignorance of health.

It’s always appeared awe to me when I discovered that people in less develop countries seem to live longer. Vilcabamba in Ecuador, Hunza valley in India, and The Caucasus in Russia are home of the “Most Centenarians in the world.” In contrary, in most develop countries, people not lack of proteins as their main diets, generally has very less number of centenarian residents, and most of their life span, on average, not more than 65 years old. This is strange, right?

The healthiest countries are those whose consumption on vegetables and fruits is huge. If you don’t know how to care of your health by eating an appropriate diet, you’ll have your life shorter 5 to 6 years, and this figure will be added up every 10 years of your age. Someone claimed that the proper diet to maintain health is associated to authority, power and money. I strongly disagree to this point. We all know these three criteria are important for someone to success in life, but they aren’t determiners for a healthier life. Let me tell you why. The most powerful and authorized people can be attributed to the emperors in China during the reign of Qing Dynasty in the past. Out of 13 emperors, Tongzhi emperor died at 19, Shunzi emperor died at 23, Xianfeng emperor died at 31, Guangxu emperor died at 38, but Qianlong emperor died at 89. Of all of them, only Qianlong emperor lived longer because he knew how to care for his health. His health philosophy: exercise regularly, eating steamed cuisine, perfect combination of coarse and fine foods, travelling and eating healthily. From here we know that money is not everything, it won’t guarantee your health. The key factor here is health care. If you’ve piles of money, but don’t know how to live healthily, then you’ll have to wait for the death to knock at your door.

We often life live with a feeling of invincibility – as though we’re ready for anything. However obstacles can occur in our way when we least expect them to, causing us to veer off course. How ready are we to deal with these obstacles? Critical diseases such as heart attacks, cancer, and stroke can suddenly get in the way of a fulfilling life, striking the old and young alike. Without sufficient health knowledge and health care, the medical cost involved will not only affect us, but also our beloved ones.

Protect Yourself and Overcome any Obstacles!

Death and diseases do not discriminate age, gender, race, and social status. They can come to anyone, anytime and anyplace. In a nutshell, critical and chronic diseases can happen to anyone. That’s why adequate health knowledge and health care are essential in order to attain the best prevention and treatment in case of the unexpected. Are you ready to tide yourself through times of health knowledge need?

Be prepared for any obstacles in your life. By acquiring sufficient health knowledge, you’ll have a healthy lifestyle plan that can give you a comprehensive prevention guide towards diseases while maintaining your optimum health to reach your desire to live to 100 or more. Be healthily protected with a healthy living plan suggesting here. You don’t have to live in fear of critical illnesses ruining your hope and future, as I’m here ready to provide you a comprehensive guidance you need to live 100 percent.

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Take care and good luck!


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