A little thing about lunchables

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Did you know lunchables are a great food item they are really neat to have around for a snack but they always forget some thing so it seems can you guess what is missing?  Some things they come with are:

1. Meat

2. Cheese

3. Crackers

4. Juice

5. Candy

6. Pudding

7.A spoon

8. Pizza sauce

yeah thats right some come with pizza sauce that is so cool you know if you get a pizza lunchable you can enjoy it with the nice taste of pizza sauce and pepperoni or cheese or even both.

Actually the pizza lunchable is my favorite but like all other lunchables its missing one little thing.

Have you guessed it yet?

Its missing a NAPKIN!!! How come they don’t give us a napkin?

Me: Opens the pizza lunchable takes out the little package of pizza sauce and opens the pizza sauce

Pizza sauce: Squirts out all over my owners hand.

Me: Omg Omg there is pizza sauce all over my hand I must drop every thing I was doing I must leave the lunchable right where it is and I must run to the nearest sink to wash it off.

Has this happened to any one else or has any one else ever needed a napkin while eating a lunchable?

Hello lunchable maker people you really need to put a napkin in the lunchables I mean you can put a spoon in them so why not a napkin.

Lesson to be learned is :

Make sure you have a napkin on hand when eating this food item.


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