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Google adsense is a program that serves ad run by Google. Website owners can become a part of this program by registering for an adsense account. Google Adsense is in a nutshell an online advertising platform.

Once a website owner has registered and been accepted to the program, he can then display ads from Google using text, image or video advertisements.

Some webmasters maximize their AdSense income by:

1. traffic generating techniques such as online advertising.
2. provide great content on their sites
3. copies that promote clicking on ads.

For those who want to advertise with Google, they could sign through Adwords. This is the service for advertisers.

Adsense is gaining popularity among websites owners because the ads are not as obvious or distracting as some banners and are often based on the content of the website. A lot of professional bloggers are using this tool to generate income from their blogs.

Successful bloggers like Darren Rowse and Jeremy Shoemoney have been raking huge bucks from their Adsense accounts. Shoemoney received a check worth $132,994.97 from Google Adsense in August 2005. These are but two amongst the thousands of bloggers who made a fortune with Google Adsense.

A word of caution though, clicking your own ad is not allowed. Reloading your page repeatedly to increase page impressions could get you banned by Google. Don not promote your ads extensively or use too much keywords. These will not help in your earning as well.

The things to do though to increase your earnings could include placing your ads near content and navigational aids or at the end of the article. These seem to attract readers. Also, the large rectangle 336×280 is the best paying adsense format according to surveys.

Google Adsense has been hailed as one of the most lucrative money-making venture on the net. And its popularity is soaring high with more and more website owners joining in.


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