The Seasons of Life

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A man had four sons who live sheltered existence. To teach them about the ways of the world and life in general, he sent them out one by one to observe the four different seasons.

Th first son went out during the entire autumn. The son observed the bleakness of the season as the leaves fall to the ground. He surmised that the world is a gloomy place to be.

The second son went out during the entire winter season. When the son came back, he was full of complaints, saying, the world is harsh and filled with bitter cold.

Another went out during the entire spring. When he came back, he was full of wonderful stories, saying the world is sunny all the time.

And the last son stayed out the whole summer and he too was overwhelmed with happiness. He said that the world is a wonderful place to be in.

The old man asked his sons what lessons they’ve learned from the real world. The two who went out during autumn and winter concluded that the real world is unwelcoming, cold and full of melancholy.

The other two sons opposed saying the real world is hospitable, filled with happiness and warmth.

The father explained to them that they look at the world differently because they witnessed different seasons. He told them that the important thing is to remember that the seasons don’t last.

If we are at the autumn or winter phase of our lives, we can take comfort in the fact that eventually we can always look forward to spring and summer.  For every travails that we face, it is important to bear in mind that everything is fleeing, “this too shall pass.”


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