Causes of Sleep Sex

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Sleep sex or sexsomnia is a form of non-rapid eye movement (NREM) similar to sleepwalking that causes people to commit sexual acts while they are asleep. While people may think this type of behavior is humorous, in reality it can be disturbing, annoying, embarrassing and a potentially serious problem for some individuals and couples. The incidence of sexsomnia appears to be on the rise. Most experts attribute this to growing public awareness of the problem rather that an upsurge in actual incidence. There have been several widely reported incidents of sexual assault conducted while the perpetrator was allegedly asleep.

Many people find themselves having sex at night while asleep with their partners to random people that are willing to have sex with them. One women in Sydney, Australia sleep walked out side of her house and had sex with random people. Research is ongoing yet as to what is the cause of this unusual behavior among people. However, Sexsomnia has rather serious medical and legal implications as there has been people who injured themselves while engaging in sexual activities and there has been some reported crimes such as rape.

Sexsomnia is still being researched in order to understand its causes and treatments but currently it can be treated with muscle relaxants and other therapeutic treatments. Doctors say that any extra stress or alcohol abuse can serve as triggers and must be avoided. With a little bit of Medications, therapy and changes in one’s sex life and lifestyle, any victim can be well on the way to recovery. Any negative emotions build up during the period of this condition can be also treated and addressed with a physiologist or a personal counselor.

Sexsomnia is a chronic condition so treating is of great priority. Seeking help can not only help researchers raise awareness and understand the problem, but can also leave you with a peace of mind and couples with a healthy understanding and caring relationship.


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