Controlling the Subconscious Mind

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Sometimes, it is easy to consciously make an effort to put a lid to emotions … BUT… the subconscious manifestations could not be controlled that easily.

No matter how much you consciously strive to control emotional responses, subconscious reactions could not be helped sometimes.

A friend narrated how she feel so lost after the divorce that one time she found herself waking up in the middle of the night and contemplating suicide.

This is not a conscious decision on her side but subconscious reaction to her plight.

The Subconscious manifests what you keep thinking or what you feed to your mind. Even if you try to control emotions but if you don’t believe that you can actually overcome the situation or deep down you feel totally helpless and beaten, emotional disturbance would still manifest later.

The best way to counter this subconscious emotional manifestations is to FEED POSITIVE THOUGHTS TO YOUR MIND RIGHT BEFORE YOU SLEEP.

I tried this a number of times because I noticed I found it hard to sleep whenever something bothered me. To solve this dilemma, before I sleep I make it a point to think only positive thoughts.  There are a myriad of ways to do this:

* For instance, I would remember the positive things that happen to me that day.

* Or, I would count my blessings.

* Or, I would repeat positive affirmations over and over again such as “I believe”; “God is helping me”. Whatever works for you, etc.

* Mutter a short prayer.

* Mutter formula prayers such as “Our Father”.

* Meditate

I noticed that since practicing this very simple technique, I always wake up refreshed, happy and light hearted every morning no matter how tough the problems I faced, at that time.

Whenver I did the opposite, I would invariably wake up feeling depressed, negative and anxious.

So you still have a choice. In these difficult times, you may not be able to control the economy but you can still exercise control over your thoughts and remain peaceful amidst all the turmoils.

The choice is YOURS ALONE to make.


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