A Phd in Internet? It May Not Be So Far-Fetched As You Think

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Every week or so one of the major media outlets will run the obligatory Internet bad content story. Today I read one from Australia where the government is trying to block certain web servers in an impossible attempt to keep kids from discovering x-rated material. But the truth is a lot of kids could care less about those sites, or many other entertainment destinations. Instead they are visiting web sites that provide information – stories, audio and video about the condition of the world, politics, religion, organic food, global warming. Some of these kids are high school dropouts but on the Internet no one can expel them or send them to detention. They can also “study” any hour of  day or night and no one is going to demand of them a hall pass if they step away from the virtual classroom for a few minutes or even all day. While they may not end up with that piece of paper to frame and hang on the wall – and there is no Internet class ring – at least not yet to my knowledge – they will have the satisfaction of having the knowledge they have gained, and a better life for it. In the early days the Internet was called The Information Highway. Today, many years later it still deserves the title and for the most part, it still is. Some people still try to ignore the web and don’t think it’s a big deal, but those people have obviously never been to Google Earth. 


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