Drive Your Anxiety Away

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Talking to people from all walks of life, I realized that anxiety is a prevalent condition in our lives.

One person told me how she suffered from insomnia for days because she was anxious over a problem.

Another narrated how she would experience tremors and palpitation whenever she gets anxious.

In this instances, I was surprised to learn that anxiety is not just an emotion but could also be an illness.

The strong connection between mind, body and emotions is undeniable. Consider this fact, when we are faced with a huge problem such as a mountain of debts, we naturally become anxious. Our anxiety clouds our judgment forcing us to think negatively of the situation. This, of course, leads to error in decisions. Consequently, because of the anxiety our bodies suffer. Our anxiety manifests in physical illnesses such as palpitation, headaches, tremors, etc., etc.

Looking at this very simple example, it can be gleaned that putting a rein on our emotions is as essential as physical and mental fitness.

Emotional control should be a foremost consideration in order to attain mental and physical health.

How to control emotions?

Now that is the $64 question.
When we are in the midst of a stressful situation it is hard to contain our emotions. It is hard to stay positive and put a lid on emotions when you have no money and you’ve got mouths to feed.

Or, when your kid is in critical condition in hospital.

When you fail in a major exam in school.

So on and so forth.

These situations are truly stressful. I concur. Obviously, we feel anxious when confronted with these problems. It is hard to remain positive when all conditions justify your need to be negative.


I say NOT necessarily so.

Your reaction to a situation is YOUR DECISION.

You have the POWER to decide to remain positive or not.

Just because the situation is gloomy it does not necessarily follow that you need to feel gloomy too.

I read somewhere that emotions last 10 minutes maximum- anything beyond that is luxury.

So you are allowed to feel gloomy or anxious for 10 minutes. Don’t let the emotion drag on. By being anxious, do you think your problem will go away? No.

You need your mental faculties to function fully and be able to get rid of the problem.

Detached yourself emotionally to the problem. Examine it at all angles. Find an angle where you can attack. Examine your options. And keep at it until the problem cracks. Start small. Chip the problem away little by little until you get to the bottom of it.

The goal is – in the end, it is not you that would crack under the pressure. It is the problem you crack open and eliminate effectively.


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