Prayer Power?

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A man secured a license to operate the first strip club in town.

This, of course, incurred the ire of the pious, church people who believe that the strip club is against the church teachings.
The church people remonstrated against the move. They opposed the strip club vehemently. They brought their complaint to the town hall.  But no action was taken by the government.  They merely shrugged off their concerns.

The church people’s voice went unheeded.  This, more than anything else, only served to fan their antagonism further. So they gathered in prayer rallies, lit candles, begged on their knees, do fasting and turned to God for help.

Divine intervention came in the form of lightning.  A few days before the strip club opened, the edifice was hit by lightning and it burned to the ground.

The church people rejoiced.

But their jubilation was short-lived.

The strip club owner did not find the whole thing amusing at all. He sued the church people for arson saying their prayers caused his building to burn down.

The church people denied the charge intensely saying there was no proof that their prayers were responsible for the fire.

On the first day of hearing, the ensuing debate over ‘who was responsible for what’ became ugly as both parties traded accusations.

At the end of the hearing the judge finds himself in an binding predicament and says, “I don’t know what to rule. It seems ironic but evidently the strip club owner believes in the power of prayer and the church people don’t.


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