Frosty The Snowman vs. Bojacks Truck

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Uh Oh, Bo Jack is on the attack again, and this time, has a snowman in his sights, and with Bo Jack’s mind one track, you know he won’t hold back.

Bo Jack loves a snowman just like any body else, they are fun to build, but much better fun when you destroy them, sending the snow flying in every direction, in essence, returning it to where it first came from.

So here’s a little ditty for you……..

This song is sung to the tune of Frosty The Snowman

Frosty the snowman had a really lousy day

Because after the kids that made him left

Ruthless Bo Jack came to play

The snow just keeps flying

All around his big fat wheels

Devious grin upon his face

Is giving Frosty chills

Bo Jack’s engine screaming

All his horses rumbling fast

After he blasts through Frosty

He’ll be a memory of the past

Bo jack has no planning

Of letting Frosty live

When he smashes through

Frosty’ s torso

He’ll be leaking like a sive

Frosty the snowman

Won’t make it through the night

He will be run over several times

To Bo Jacks great delight

Oh, Frosty the snowman

Will lose his head today

If Frosty stands his ground

In Bo Jacks path

There will be hell to pay

He’ll surely lose

His head that way

For Bo Jack will not stray

From this path

Of snow today

Frosty’s guts

Will be splattered

Each and

Every single way.

Oh Frosty the the snowman

Will be pulverized tonight

And If you look

Upon his face

You’ll see the look of fright

And the snow that splatters

Well it will be all white

And Frosty

Nowhere in site.

Bye Bye Frosty, see you next time.

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