A Toast to Love

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Love is, undoubtedly, the greatest force in our lives.  It is a celebration of being alive. Without love, all our endeavors, all our dreams and all our hopes seem empty.  Love is indeed synonymous with life.

The greatest achievements in life are not achieved by mere talent or hard work alone but by how much love is behind our efforts.  If we love what we are doing, all other considerations fade in the background.

We do things not because we want money (although that is an important consideration) but for the sheer enjoyment or pleasure we generate from them. 

We love people because we are drawn to them. And we stay in love by choice not by emotions.

With all its intricacies and complexities – love is, in fact, indefinable.  This is probably the reason why with the advancement of technologies and science, love remains a mystery.

Here is a poem in honor of this mightiest sometimes highly misunderstood emotion –

A Toast to Love

Look back to this day and know –
that love is here, today, in our midst.

Enveloping us. With its binding force as we tread the path of uncertainty.
Uniting us. Two hearts beating as one. Two bodies yet one soul.
Unveiling us . As we discover little things about each other day by day.

Love is faith as we shrug off doubts, discouragements and impossibilities.
It is hope as we hold on to the possibility of true love.
It is recognition of our hearts as we find each other amidst the sea of nameless people.
It is a choice. Vows broken; vows renewed over and over again.
It is a ban from oblivion of the unspoken promises made long ago in the deepest, most sacred recesses of our hearts.

For today merely confirms what we already know all along – that, love made us for each other; and you and I are made for love!


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