Earning an Income Via Emails

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Earning much money via reading emails is a viable and increasingly popular route in earning a side income to supplement your main salary. With the rising trend of seeking multiple streams of income, paid-to-read (PTR) email programs are growing in number and in force. Hence, there is a growing acceptance by advertisers to advertise on this route due to its popularity. This growing acceptance goes on to encourage more and more people to jump into the bandwagon.

There are some key considerations of PTR programs that one has to note before joining such a program. For the sake of illustration, the 2 PTR programs, EmailCashPro and DonkeyMails , will be used.


As with many other popular get-paid-to programs, scammers like to take advantage of a rising trend to make a quick buck. The easiest way to tell is to research online via googling “xxx program scam”. An example of an excellent review article on EmailCashPro can be found here . Forums are excellent resources as users usually talk about their experiences with some PTR programs. Also, do note whether the PTR program claims to pay out exorbitant rates and at the same time, take a long lag time before payout. Usually, you can cash out immediately with about a 2 week time frame for receiving payment.


PTR emails programs are easy to join because they are mostly free and it takes less than a minute for THE registration progress. As a participant, you would also indicate your preference in the types of advertisements you receive. Although selection of only a few categories would give offer you a lower earning rate, it would be more preferable than reading emails you would not like to receive.


The best way to judge the profitability of joining a certain PTR program is looking at (1) cost per email read and (2) potential number of emails received in a day. EmailCashPro cost per email is from 0.5 to 1 cent per email, based on a sustainable revenue sharing model. Most other programs also have similar payout rates. The number of emails received in a day can be from 2 to 6 depending on the number of categories you have indicated interest in.


The key to growing this avenue of passive income earning is to build a downline of email readers. As you can see from above, based on an individual activity rate, you can earn a maximum of $1.80 a month from EmailCashPro . But with a good downline, you can earn more than 100 times of that. Different PTR programs have different downline models. Both EmailCashPro and DonkeyMails have up to 4 or 5 levels of downline though EmailCashPro has 50% referral earnings on the 1st level compared to DonkeyMails ’ of 5%.

The best and simplest way to build your downline is to tell all your family and friends about it and let them build their own downline. For the advanced, you may research into various methods in driving people to your referral link.


A good PTR program pays via several methods. EmailCashPro pays via PayPal or cheque. DonkeyMails has a larger variety payment methods like PayPal , AlertPay and LibertyReserve though it omits cheques due to the cost. Usually, a payout level must be reached before you can request for the money. For , it is a low $10.

So enjoy reading emails and start to get paid for them.


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