Subtleties of Enigma

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Spirituality is all about finding your inner self and developing a deeper perspective in life. The best way to attain deeper spirituality is, of course, through aligning ourselves with the Highest Spirit of all – God, Higher Being, the Force or whatever name applies.

In Spirituality, our greatest responsibility is not just to nurture relationships with other beings but, first and foremost, to protect and nourish our relationship with God. From this relationship with the Highest Being, stems all the goodness and love that flow towards others. To put it briefly, never harm your relationship with God and you will be assured that you will never harm your relationship with others. This is in fulfillment of the greatest role we play in consonance with the greatest virtues in the “Christian triptych” – faith, hope and love.

I wrote this poem years ago as a tribute to spirituality:

Subtleties of Enigma

Life itself is a source of mystery –
an enigma that could not be deciphered
despite all its underlying subtleties.

The powers of mind
may lend itself useless against the frailties of the human body.
Human beings are limited as their capabilities
but boundless as their visions.
It’s the imagination that sets us apart from the primate.
That merges our soul with the divine
and completes the mystery.

The subtleties of this enigma
may escape the grasps of the conscious mind.
But it does leave imprints at the very core
– in the heart and soul.

We are human-
part and parcel of the Highest Being, our God.
What is there left to know?

*pardon the musings of a curious mind…..


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