Lose 50 Pounds – My New Year’s 2009 Resolution

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My biggest New Year’s Resolution is to lose 50 pounds. Considering I’ve so far lost 40 pounds in less than five months, I consider this to be a reasonable goal.

I’ve fought the battle against food and weight since age eight. Now that I’m going to be 30 in July 2009, I think it’s high time to lose the rest of this weight – and this time keep it off!

I have five methods in mind that will help me lose weight, which have already helped me.

1. Regular exercise.

Growing up, I had a lot of asthma and didn’t get to do a lot of exercise. Though still a concern, I’m much more able to do many activities these days. I use exercise videos, local fitness centers, and yoga classes. I do something every day, whether it is a brief armchair Pilates video or walking video or a yoga class. Often, I engage in multiple fun and fitness-oriented hobbies each day.

2. Better eating.

I have tried to eat perfectly and succeed for a while. However, it tends to make me more miserable. My tips? Well, a huge one for me is continuing to cut down soda and fried food. I used to drink regular orange and cola drinks multiple times a day. Now I don’t drink it more than once or twice a month. In addition, I reduce the amount of white bread in my diet, drink more juice and soy milk, and have daily cups of Yogi Tea. When I sweeten it, I tend to use honey.

3. Continued spiritual improvement.

2008 was a tough year for me in many ways, but a great year in others. Every obstacle I faced and became stronger and kinder because of it. Important things in my spiritual arsenal include daily prayer and meditation, weekly Buddhist services, regular Kundalini yoga at home or a studio, reading spiritual books, talking to people on a similar path, and self-help meetings.

4. Writing.

I have been a writer since a toddler, and will continue to pursue this both personally and professionally. When I write about my feelings, like Julia Cameron suggested in “The Writer’s Diet,” I’m less prone to eat over them.

5. Service.

I will continue doing things for others without losing myself or my emotional liberty over it. I will give support back wherever it is given to me – whether a temple, church, yoga center, or self-help group.

Above all, I will continue to be kind to myself and love myself whether fat or thin!


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